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Ghost Mannequin services are used by most of the world’s top clothing brands. Ghost mannequins are being used by many of the world’s top clothing brands. This strategy is helping them with their sales and also helping you grow your business. Let’s take a look at some of these successful brands and how they are using ghost dolls.

Ghost Mannequin has been used by Chanel for many years, using it in their shop windows in Paris and other European cities. You can see them in their stores across America and Asia as well. People were started ghost Mannequin services in Sweden.

  • Another company that uses this technique is the Armani Exchange, which operates throughout North America. “It does not affect the color and texture of the fabric.

It does not affect the color and texture of the fabric.

Background removal is done on a transparent level. This means that it will not mess with the rest of your image when removed from there, which makes it easier for you to edit and make the necessary changes later.

Clipping Path is a method used by photographers to distinguish between the people or objects in front of them when they want to be included in their photos and what they do not want. It uses an outline around an object so that it can be seen as if there is no confusion around it; This technique allows easy editing after taking photos with multiple layers involved in an image (i.e., people).

You will not be able to touch and feel the products on the e-commerce site.

You can’t touch the fabric, you can’t see the color of the product in real life, you can’t see its size and fit. The only way to get a clear idea of ​​what you are buying is to look at the pictures on your computer screen or mobile screen. If someone is using an e-commerce site lately, they may experience these problems many times but still they continue shopping online as it is more convenient than physically going out for shopping and wasting time waiting for your turn at cash counter etc.

This helps clients to review their clothing in detail before buying it.

You may have heard that mannequin displays are a popular way to present clothing and accessories. But do you know the other benefits of using Mannequin?

It helps clients to review their clothes in detail before buying.

It helps clients to know their products better and increases their confidence in you as a seller or brand.

It helps the clients to understand the product better without touching it physically.

You can easily get 360-degree view of your product while using this technique.

You can easily get 360-degree view of your product while using this technique. The image will be taken from all directions and angles and then the mannequin will be moved to post-production leaving only the product. This is done by placing your model on a turntable, which rotates in their place when taking photos. It is important to remember that no matter which angle you are taking these photos, our team of photographers will later combine them into one final image.

You don’t need a dummy to apply this technique to your product image, which reduces your costs.

What is a ghost book?

A ghost doll is a completely white or neutral-colored model that you can photograph to create the look of an item on someone’s body. The technique was invented by photographer and director Taimur Ahmed, who wanted to replicate real-life situations for his studio shoot.

How does it work?

You use this technique when you want images of your products to look like they are worn by someone. You can sell clothes and need images that show what they look like on different body types, or you take pictures of jewelry and want to show them that someone is wearing them. Instead of hiring a model or dummy for this purpose, you can use a ghost mannequin instead because it costs less than hiring a model or dummy.


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